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It’s up to you! Customize your rolls and bowls the way you want!

  • BASE

    Choose one of our many base varieties.

    Choose up to two proteins.

    Choose up to three of your favorite fruits and veggies.

    Top off your creation with our dressings and toppings at our topping station.

Get your meal with
everything you love!

two sides
of your choice
for only $9.30

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Are you vegetarian?

Don’t worry, we have options of 100% vegan meals.

Healthy and delicious!

- It’s all about the ingredients

Our number one rule is to prepare all food using only
the best and freshest ingredients available in the market.

Como fazemos
Como fazemos

And how do we do that?

  • 1st

    By carefully choosing our food suppliers, making sure they meet the highest standards of quality and sanitation approved by the FDA.

  • 2nd

    By properly handling all products and keeping a clean and healthy environment specific for each and every one of them.

  • 3rd

    By receiving new ingredients everyday, assuring our customers only receive the freshest proteins and veggies available.

We also care about the environment!

That’s why all of our packaging is made
from tree-free and biodegradable material.

Como fazemos
How do we that

New Arrivals

Our new Sushi Burger

Come try our newest invention: the delicious, fresh and healthy Sushi Burger, with your favorite protein.


We are very proud of being part of this great community.

In order to give a little back to it, we offer special discounts to all our esteemed police officers and firefighters.

Kappa is also watching closely to help new community-supported projects. We believe giving back to our community is a duty of ours and encourage you all to do the same!

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